SKREAM Barbados!

SKREAM is one of most prominent producers in the world of dance music. He has played an important role in the development of a new musical scene called DUBSTEP that started in the boroughs of Croydon, London (UK), but now spans the globe. SKREAM has written tracks with some of the best artists in the business such as the LA ROUX number 1 smash hit “In for the Kill” EXAMPLE “Shot you in the foot again” and not forgetting that classic anthem with CASSIUS “I Love you so”. His live act with long time friends and producers BENGA & ARTWORK is known as MAGNETIC MAN. MAGNETIC MAN have remixed a number of huge artists including the massive JOHN LEGEND tracks which has shot into the UK top ten charts!

Radio Cassareep is honored to welcome SKREAM to Barbados for an exclusive DJ set on the Limegrove Roof on January 28th, 2012 at 10PM.

Radio Cassareep is known for creating rocking house and electronic music parties in Barbados. January 28th will be no exception

SKREAM will be supported by none other than Manchester’s NORTH BASE (DJ SILVER) who is no stranger to travel and has long-standing international career. This DJ/producer has recently remixed the likes of LAIDBACK LUKE & SANDER VON DOORN, LABRINTH, MS DYNAMITE, KELE LE ROC, and much more, so you know your in for a treat! More top-notch dance music DJs will be announced over the next few weeks.

What you need to know now, is that SKREAM is huge (just completing a US tour with BENGA), the Limegrove Roof is a wicked location and we have 100 “early bird” tickets each $100 BBD. These are available for you today!

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